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Transistor is used to regulate the flow of current or voltage and sometimes it acts as switch or gate for electronic signals.

We offer wide range of transistors, which is designed according to the international quality standards. We bring the best transistors from the trusted vendors and these transistors are highly durable. Transistor consists of three layers of a semi-conductor material, which has capable of carrying current individually. Transistors are the basic elements in the Integrated Circuits, which has very large number of transistors.

We offer following types of Transistors:
BD / BDX / BU / BUX / BC Series, 2N / 2SA / 2SB / 2SC / 2SD Series, MJ / MJE Series, TIP Series.

We offer following ranges of Transistors:
Small Signal Transistors, Power Transistors, Switching Transistors, RF Transistors.

We offer the following models of Transistors:
TO3, TO5, TO66, TO92, TO126, TO220, TO247, TOP3.

We offer following company Transistors:
ST, MOT, Philips, Samsung, Toshiba, Texas, MosPec, Mitsubishi, KEC, CDIL, BEL

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