capacitor suppliers in india

A capacitor is an electronic component that consists of two metal plates shielded from each other by a dielectric. We offer a wide range of capacitors, which is highly durable and long lasting. Mostly, capacitance depends upon the size of the capacitor and relative permittivity of the medium between the plates.

Capacitors are of two types, fixed capacitor and variable capacitor. Fixed capacitor always remains the same capacitance and variable capacitor always varies its capacitance b/w max and min. We are the dealers and exporters of high power capacitors, which match international standard criteria. We offer a wide range of capacitors that available in different shapes and sizes. We are not only exporting these capacitors, we are servicing the components.

These capacitors are used for several purposes like coupling, Tuning, Filtering, Smoothening and Timing – IC 555.

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